Friday, January 30, 2009

Password 2009

I came into work this morning and logged into my computer as I do everyday and was alerted by the magical gnome who lives inside my computer that my password will expire in 8 days and would I like to change it? Of course I clicked “no” because crap, I have 8 more days until I need to change it. I am a bit of a procrastinator and if they really wanted me to change it the message would read something like “You password is about to expire. You have 30 seconds to think up a new one or your computer will lock down and the IT guys will laugh at you.” That would probably get me to come up with a new password in a snappy manner.

In all honesty I don’t even know why we have passwords that expire, or why we have passwords at all. It’s not like we keep top secret files on our computer. About 99% of the stuff we deal with is on a shared drive that practically anyone in the company can access at any time.

And then there is the fact that we all keep our passwords written on small slips of paper in our cubicles so that if we are out of the office and someone needs something on our computer they can get it. The co-workers who are a bit cleverer than I keep them taped under their keyboards on in some other secret location, but since I don’t care if someone logs in as me mine is boldly taped to my monitor.

By this time next week though I guess I need to come up with at least an 8 character alpha-numerical password to replace the one I am currently using.

How creative does Password09 sound?

~The Office Scribe


dizzblnd said...

I don't have a password. Every time it tells me mine is abut to expire, I will say yes to create a new one, then leave i blank. My IT guy has had fun more than once messing with me and creating one, he is the only one hat knows i don't use one.

Congrats btw in getting into HBDC!

Holly said...

Talk about passwords, the military is, well, militant about them. You gotta have a certain amount of upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols...and a certain number of characters, but you can't have any recognizeable words. And we have to create new ones way too often. You cannot use the same one again until more than 20 others have been made. My civilian job does that, but we only have to change it every 6 months.

Ora - Looking for Offramp said...

This is getting so weird, I've just read a bunch of your posts and I think we work in the same office.