Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Outbreak In My Outlook

Ahh Wednesdays…the day of the week that is as far from the beginning as it is from the end. Otherwise known as the longest day in humanity for those of us who are cubicle dwellers. I don’t know statistics or anything, but I am pretty sure that Wednesdays are my least productive day of the week.

So after working on some small projects and dispensing invaluable financial advice to a co-worker (because my BS in Creative Writing actually does make me a financial analyst) I decided to go ahead and clean up my Outlook. I am a bit OCD in that respect. I hate having old e-mails just lying around, collecting virtual dust and getting in my way. So about once a week I go through and delete the hell out of my e-mails. If they pertain to a client I file it away in my personal folders and then everything is right in the world.

But today I noticed that in the list of, crap, I don’t know what to call them. You know, there’s the Calendar, the Inbox, Sent Items, etc, etc, etc…Anyway, there is also something called Quarantine. Now I think this showed up right after we had that pain in the ass virus that swept through our systems like, well in keeping with the medical references, like some sort of plague. But in the months that have followed I don’t think I have ever seen an e-mail in there.

Which I guess is cool, because I don’t think I would know what to do if by some chance an e-mail showed up in there. We aren’t supposed to directly approach an IT person and ask them a question because too many people were bothering them with stupid questions. So protocol requires us to send them an e-mail. But if I have a potentially deadly e-mail the last thing I want to do is touch my computer.

I guess that only leaves one solution: Should I ever get an infected e-mail I will just calmly pack up my belongings and make a run for it. Because in all actuality, that is my contingency plan should anything go wrong in the office.

~The Office Scribe

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Wes said...

Im really crazy about how i keep my Email set up too... so i know what you mean.
But i cant figure out how to use Outlook >..>