Sunday, January 25, 2009

Technology, Meet Toilet

Friday was a weird day at work. Just one of those days where everything was a bit off. You know, overly cranky co-workers, dumb questions, last minute projects that had to be done that day. And I don't think there was a full moon or anything. Just one of those weird days.

But one thing did happen which made me laugh.

Sometime in the morning, as I was busily typing away at my computer because god was I busy doing stuff my co-worker, we shall call her L, appraoched my desk. In her hands she held her brand new Blackberry Pearl, in pieces, on a paper towl. My confused look posed the question "What happened?"

Her reply: "I dropped my phone in the toilet."

Now I have done a lot of dumb things when it comes to my cellphone. The best being when I accidently left it on top of my car when I left my parents house one weekend and didn't notice until I saw it fly off behind me as I did 50 mph. Luckily I was able to find it amongst the weeds on the side of the road and aside from a few scrathes, it still worked. (Thank you Motorola for building a quality product.)

But I have never dropped my phone in the toilet. After the initial fit of giggles I had I couldn't help but feel bad for L. Not because she just ruined her new cell phone, which she has had less than a month. But because when she goes to the store to get a replacement she is going to have to explain to the pimply faced kid behind the counter how she broke it.

And for that I wish I could be there with a camera.

~The Office Scribe


Wes said...

I have hear many stories about people dropping their cell phones in the toilet...

I fidget with my phone all the time, and i drop it all the time... but never do i get the urge to pull my phone out over a toilet and carelessly toss it around :P

this kinda reminds me of the time my dad bent over the toilet to flush it and his glasses slipped off his face and broke in the toilet... rofl
I want Cameras everywhere, just to catch all the Fails in the world

Asphodel said...

Okay, it's not that difficult to fall in the pot when you keep it in the back pocket of your jeans! And you are 5 drinks down.... well, can you tell that was why it happened to ME?! Ugh I know, gross. I told everyone it fell in a puddle as it had rained the previous day so hah :-P

Sorcerer said...