Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Big Move - Part Two

The Field Trip
Since we are moving to a new building, which is only a few towns away but nevertheless a confusing prospect to some people I work with, it was decided by my company that we should have a series of Field Trips to the new building so people can find it.  (Apparently MapQuest is not known by everyone)

So this week everyone has been piling onto an old school yellow bus and taking the trip over to the new building.  

And I have to say it's pretty cute.

No, not the building.  Seriously, it's an office building.  Seen one seen them all.

I meant the field trip.

Not only were we on a bus, but we got name tags which broke us down into smaller groups and a snack bag with water and candy and peanuts for the trip.  

Like I said, cute.  Sometimes it's the little things the company does which counts!

The Office Scribe