Monday, June 17, 2013

Manic Monday #67

This weekend I ran the Warrior Dash. In addition to a t-shirt, hat and sweet medal, I was also rewarded with muscle soreness that I have never experienced before.  This was part of the reason I wore running shoes to the office. The other part was because I was slightly lazy and put the first pair on I could find. 

I am convinced it was raining used staples at my desk today. 

You can always tell its going to be a good week when the emails about going out for Happy Hour on Thursday start flying before noon. 

I am always shocked by people who use pencils instead of pens in the workplace. I am sure there is some deep psychological reason behind it which makes me suspicious of those individuals. 

I couldn't figure out where the music was coming from at my desk today. I checked the computer speakers but it wasn't coming from there. I walked away and could still hear it. So glad I finally realized it was coming my iPhone. Or more specifically, the earbud attached to my iPhone which was in my right ear. 

 If Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell, or any member of the Veronica Mars movie production team reads this let me wish you luck on your first day of shooting from a rainy Chicago. Can't wait to get more updates on the production! 

~ The Office Scribe