Friday, January 27, 2012

Panini Press Lunch

It's been said by some of my coworkers that I am a Jack of all Trades.

I can bake, do crafts, answer inane trivia questions, cut meat, fix the printer, etc, etc, etc

Today I added to my list of skills by teaching my coworkers how to cook pizza in a panini press.

Step One: Purchase a cheap, thin crust pizza. (Rising crust or overly topped ones won't work)

Step Two: Ignore the directions and thaw before cooking.

Step Three: Fold pizza in half.

Step Four: Insert into panini press and grill until golden brown.

Step Five: Enjoy

The thing pretty much comes out like a calzone but it much more impressive.

Ahh the things you do in the office on Fridays.

~ The Office Scribe

Monday, January 23, 2012

Manic Monday #62

My life would be so much easier if I had a butler.  Preferably someone like Alfred from the Batman movies.  I'd prefer Michael Caine but I'd pretty much settle for any man over the age of 64 with a British accent.

Two days ago we had a blizzard.  Last night we had a thunderstorm.  It's official - I no longer know how to dress for work in the morning.

While answering phones at the front desk I forgot my name.  Try explaining that pause to the client without sounding like a complete idiot.

I decided I need to wear a pedometer around the office because I bet I walk well over 5 miles each day and the only way to prove it is to clock it.  And yes, that means I don't spend nearly as much time as I should at my desk.  

The number one phrase I utter at work is "Yes, you with your hand raised" and no, I am not a school teacher.

My red pen died today.  I think it is a conspiracy by those who wish to stop me from editing their work with my charming yet snarky comments.

~ The Office Scribe

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012!

Ahh, nothing like the first blog post of the year.

At least you can all be thankful that I didn't do one of those god-awful year in review posts.

Nor am I going to list a bunch of goals and resolutions that I will never get around to achieving.

Basically this post is to remind all of you that this is the year to check as many items off your bucket list as humanly possible.

You can thank the Mayans for this line of thinking*.

But that doesn't mean you can shirk your responsibilities - which means you all have to go back to work tomorrow, or in my case, Tuesday.

~ The Office Scribe

* I think you can also thank them for chocolate.  So yay Mayans!