Saturday, January 10, 2009

Because One Office Job Isn't Enough

I think it's pretty easy to guess that I am a fan of the TV show "The Office".  For the same reasons I would assume doctors like "ER" and octogenarians like "The Golden Girls".  The shows hit close enough to your real life that you can relate to it but with enough absurdity that you can easily see it as fiction.

So a few years back, while watching an episode of "The Office" there was a commercial for something called Dunder Mifflin Infinity (DMI).  

Created by NBC is was a rather elaborate online community set up for fans of "The Office" to come together and discuss the show.  But instead of just having random chat rooms people who joined actually joined onto a virtual brach and participated in weekly tasks to earn, what else, Schrutebucks.

During my time at DMI I have met some fabulous people, many of whom are faithful followers of this blog (most likely because they take pity on me).  So I promised them a shout out and on this snowy day I thought it was about time I get off my ass and actually do it.

So, I guess, hello to my fellow DMI people.  Thanks for reading this and putting up with my twisted ways and not reporting me to OLC.

And a special nod to the Allentown, PA Branch, the virtual branch that I am a member of.

~ The Office Scribe

Interested in joining yourself?  Head over the and sign up.


Anonymous said...

I absoultely love the Office, one of the best things on TV

persephone said...

I am new to DMI but I love reading blogs and think I will frequent yours!!!

Wes said...

I assumed i would be mentioned by Name, im hurt, :(


Good Job on the Blog, I Love it!

The Office Scribe said...

Aww Wes, people know your name now because you posted a comment here!

MutinyMilitia said...

Voo...I know I don't get on DMI much anymore, but I do try to keep up with the emails that go around. I was reading some of your blog (the first one I have ever read by the way), and just wanted to say hey and Happy New Year and stuff!! Talk to ya soon (hopefully!