Thursday, January 22, 2009

Girls Are Pervs Too

My office is all a twitter today. And no, it’s not because the Academy Award nominations came out today (I guess I have to update my NetFlix Queue. Damn, and I was so looking forward to Death Race…)

It started the moment I came into work today as was greeted by our receptionist.

“They changed the code on the bathroom.”

Aside from the morning greeting informing of the change and the new code, we received no less that three e-mails regarding the situation (2 telling us the code and the other being all secretive and telling us to contact the guy in the mail room. Which if you didn’t know the guy in the mail room just sounds creepy.)

I know I have mentioned in the past about how the women’s restroom has a key pad on it to keep interlopers out. (Like those bitches on the fourth floor. Yeah, you know who you are.) I do always find it amusing how women’s doors are locked but anyone could walk into the men’s room. I think that is a bias that only men are sexual deviants and would walk into the opposite sex’s bathroom. I happen to know some female sexual deviants (some of my best friends) who would have no problem going into a guy’s bathroom. Hell, I have used a guy’s bathroom. It’s the natural thing that happens when you are at concerts and sporting events and realize the other genders lines are always a thousand times shorter…

And as a girl I wouldn’t care if a guy happened into our bathroom. It’s not like anyone can see anything in there. Women’s bathrooms don’t just have toilets out in the middle of nowhere for all to see. Someone back before I was born invented the concept of stalls which keeps all things private, well, private. And I salute them for their ingenuity.

So guys of the world, I think this sounds like an equal rights thing and you might want to contact the ACLU about it*. Pronto.

~The Office Scribe

* Okay, I might be encouraging this for purely selfish reasons. I don’t know if there would be anything funnier than watching both the women and the men of my office do the potty dance outside the bathrooms as they try to remember the magic code. Inevitable office hilarity would ensue.

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