Monday, February 2, 2009

Equal Pay For Women Is A Scam

Occasionally I will hear a report on the radio or read an article online about how women should receive the same pay that their male counterparts receive for the same jobs. I vaguely remember a poster hanging in one of the kitchens I used to deliver to that declared that women earned 76 cents to every dollar a man earned. When I was a teenager I thought this was crap and that of course women should be paid equally. That was until I was enlightened to the fact that women will talk the talk but aren’t willing to walk the walk?

See, it would be wonderful if both genders were paid the same assuming that on the back end they would pay the same. But this isn’t the case. Men are expected to pay for so much more in our society. Dinner, flowers, jewelry, and don’t forget the grossly expensive diamond rings which DeBeers says should cost about three months salary.

Girls are not expected to pay anything close to this on their men. Sure, it does cost more for girls to live (I went out and bought some new makeup the other week and nearly fainted at the total. Oh, and then there are the shoes and bags…) but I am convinced this isn’t done to attract a man but to one-up other females. So that means about 2/5 of a females annual income is spent on trying to outshine other chicks thus brining this cost down upon themselves.

So until women start carrying their share of the load I don’t see any reason for feminists to be so up in arms.

~The Office Scribe


Devil's Mind said...

Except that what men or women choose to do with their money is their personal choice and should not be considered in the working arena.

It is a personal choice whether or not to pay for dinner, or buy flowers, ...etc. No one will force them to do that. This is not a real argument for non-equal pay.

Asphodel said...

Heh. I always argued with my colleagues that he wasnt being paid lesser because he was a guy.

I was getting paid more because my strategy worked. I got my first chunky raise because I performed beyond everyones (and my own) expectation; and the second raise when I threathened to quit.

David said...

And it always frosts my nuts when the women in the office who are paid the same for doing the same job will exclaim - "We need the guys to do thus-and-so".

If the women are willing to all the tasks of the job, then they shouldn't expect the same pay.

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

I think most women change their diaper's weight in gold and diamonds.