Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Bet Michael Phelps Could Do It, Without Taking A Hit

The co-worker who is sits behind me was looking up driving directions today from the suburb outside Chicago that she lives in to Fairbanks, Alaska. She called me over to look at it when the directions went all wonky on her and told her to do the following:

Direction #48 seems to be a little confusing with all the British Columbia & Yukon Territories. Or that is possibly the snakiest road in the world.

I then asked her if she had ever seen the Google directions for New York to London? When she said she hadn’t I immediately dropped what I was doing and went to see if they had fixed the glitch. Sadly, they had, but leave it to other Bloggers to have proven that I am not crazy and saved an image of what Google Maps used to tell you to do when it came to crossing the Atlantic:

Yeah, that’s a blury #33 telling you to swim across the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s nice to know that the fine folks at Google Maps feel the need to bring a bit of levity to those of us dumb enough to be looking for driving directions between continents.

~The Office Scribe


dizzblnd said...

I remember that glitch! It was so funny.. too bad they fixed it sigh.. no fun anymore

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

I think they should advise to swim a bit north and stop off in Dublin for a few pints first.