Monday, February 23, 2009

Random Road Trip Request

In today’s edition of “Randomness Courtesy of a Co-Worker” we find our heroine (me) swamped with more work than she has seen in weeks. But since she (me) is awesome she has been working diligently without interruption. Well, that is except for a few phone calls from mom and a confusing conversation with my co-worker K (the same one who got stuck in her North Face Fleece at the start of the year.)

It seems that K recently got cable at her house (welcome to the 1980’s) and has been watching more TV than the average 29 hours per week (Thanks Yahoo! News!) Her favorite show is something on MTV called “Rob and Big” which is about a pro skateboarder and his best friend/bodyguard. I think since it has been on I have watched about 3 minutes of it and that was enough for me.

But K loves it. In fact, she is convinced she is in love with Rob, the skateboarder, she showed up at my desk today saying that the two of us should go on a road trip to follow this guy around. When I asked why I was tapped to accompany her on this cross-country Stalker trip, she gave me the following explanation:

“Because you can drive and are good with directions.”

Awesome. I love compliments. Especially about my sense of direction. And while I love road trips I told her I was going to have to pass since the list of celebrities I would follow around like a Dead Head was rather long and did not include a semi-celebrity skateboarder who looks like the small kid who never got picked in kick ball. Or ended up being the kickball.

~ The Office Scribe

Note: In the midst of typing this she came over to my desk to talk about this Rob again, and said numerous times that he was “Hot” or perhaps it was pronounced “Hawt”. So I ask you, my faithful readers, is this man “hot”???

Also note: It was damn near impossible to find a pic of this guy not throwing some kind of dumb quasi-Gang sign.


Anonymous said...

of course he's HOT.... if you're into that recovering meth addict look. :) I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but your co-worker just might be in dire need of a good sturdy pair of bifocals

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

"Hot is as hot does" does NOT apply in this case.

Suzi said...

In my opinion, he's funny looking. To each his own right? Now if we were gonna go stalk Cris Angel, or some other tall dark handsome man, i'm down :) A bunch of people will most likely disagree with that as well.

Sandy said...

How old is this co-worker exactly and why is it that she is only now getting cable? Is it because she is in the dark ages or is she that bad off that she couldn't afford it? Does she have some goal in life to meet up with some random kid that is barely old enuf to shave?
Truely what was she thinking??? Glad to hear you had the forethought to refuse to assist her on her escapade!!!

Ora - Looking for Offramp said...

Stalking him would be like getting fat on diet ice-cream.

The Office Scribe said...

Okay, so the theory seems to be that this guy is not Hot.

The girl in question is in her early 20's and I have no idea why she is just getting the internet.

And no, we will not be stalking Criss Angel. All the Valtrex in the world couldn't get me on that road trip.

The Office Scribe said...

Wait, not the internet. I meant cable.

DJ said...

there's a reason why he always wears sunglasses on the show