Monday, February 9, 2009


I was wandering around the office, as I tend to do when I need to look busy but need a break, and I noticed that we have a lot of empty cubicles around. There are several reasons for this such as we have had empty cubicles from the time we moved into this building and that whole “purge” we had a few months back when the dead weight was cut in hope of keeping our company afloat (it seems to be working).

But in an effort to make even more money for the company I think we need to start renting these empty cubicles out. I made a crack on my way back from lunch how we need a doctor who can see patients in one of the cubicles and it hit me that perhaps a doctor would find this an excellent idea. I am sure that the rent for a…

(Please hold while I measure my cubicle)

…for an 8x8 cubicle would be much less than an entire office. Imagine all those small business people that would want a professional environment to work in at a fraction of the cost. I figure for their rent they would get their very own cubicle with plenty of storage, ergonomic orange desk chair, access to our lunch room with tea and coffee, and the ability to use our printers/scanners/copiers/etc.

I am sure there would be a HUGE market for this. I’m going to draft my proposal right now and send it to the president of the company. I’ll keep you posted.

~The Office Scribe


Don McCullough said...

I just had the exact same idea. Seriously. But not as a solution to empty cubicles. As a business.

You see, I'm self employed and I hate working from home. It's quite lonely. And when I try to start a conversation at the water cooler, my dog just looks at me and then scratches herself.

Seriously, I would love to rent a cubicle AND be my own boss. Bring my laptop, cell phone, and I'm good to go.

Then, when I want human intgeraction, there are other self-employed people right around the cubicle from me.

Is anyone offering this service? Seems like the minions of self-employed are growing.

Are there potential problems I am missing? Would some become a nuisance and distraction? Talk too much. Be too loud.

Anonymous said...

I was also looking for the same thing, and after trying different keywords in a Google search, I found some stuff. Try searching for "shared office space" and "part-time office space". especially when you search for "shared office space", you get lots of promising results.


Karen said...

Not sure where where everyone is located but if you look up 'co-operative work space' or 'co-working' you will find some places.

It is a trend that is growing- having office spaces for small business owners to rent out, making the work days more productive and allowing them to network.

Its popular in Europe and some cities like Vancouver and Toronto - I actually just did a fake business proposal for school for this exact idea and this seems to be a profitable industry ;)

Rates are typically $450 for a cube, and $900 for an office, you share things like the kitchen, board room, reception etc.