Friday, December 19, 2008

There’s Got To Be A Morning After…

Last night was my company’s holiday party. It was short, sweet, and simple. An hour and a half in the lobby with some drinks and a some food. There were prizes (I won a $50 Amex gift card for coming in first place in the Second Annual Bake Off). But the true party didn’t really start until a group of us left and headed over the a place called Brickhouse, a new restaurant/bar nearby that was best described by my VP as a “high class Hooters”.

I would say there were about 40 employees who invaded the bar to continue the party, and let me just say, I have been drinking with a lot of different types of people, but no one is more fun to drink with than co-workers.

There were many great moments from last night that I found hysterical but chances are you would have needed to be there to fully appreciate them. (Though the waitress calling a co-worker Clay Aiken is pretty funny to everyone…)

So here’s to my co-workers who went out and held the bar down, dragged their hung-over butts out of bed, drove in the horrible weather and showed up at work today. That is the definition of a dedicated employee.

~The Office Scribe

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