Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Delegating – Spreading the work or a way to slack off?

It has been said* that one of the traits of a quality leader is the ability to delegate tasks.

If this is true then I think I am going to run for president.

When I was younger I never liked to ask people for help. I had to be the best person to be in a group assignment with because I ended up doing 95% of the work because I didn’t think anyone else would be able to do the project right. Sure, it sounds a little mean but I didn’t trust them to not slack off which would lead to me getting a lower grade.

It wasn’t until I reached college that I realized how awesome the art of delegation truly is. I was in a Freshman speech class which started at 8:00AM every Tuesday and Thursday (thanks Mom for convincing me that earlier classes were better…) Anyhow, I was completely frazzled with a group speech that was coming up when I just said “Fuck It” and let go of the reigns and let my partners contribute. At first it was a horrible feeling, not knowing what the complete end result would be. Then I slowly realized that I didn’t have to do the entire project and it felt wonderful. Not having to stress about fitting in the work of 5 people into my already busy schedule.

So from then on I have had no problem sharing whatever duties happen to come across my desk. Especially during crazy times of the year, like the one I find myself in now, a week before Christmas, not all my presents bought, and a crapload of things to get done.

So let me know if you have a free moment because I have something I need you to do…

~The Office Scribe

*Okay, maybe this wasn’t said by anyone famous but I am sure I have heard it somewhere before. Maybe on a popsicle stick or a gum wrapper…or that crappy calendar over by the copier of “Life’s Little Instruction Manual”.

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