Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Somewhere A Sheep Is Weeping…

I was in a meeting yesterday with a co-worker who was rocking one of my favorite holiday looks, the tacky Christmas Sweater. Nothing says “Happy Birthday Jesus” like a knobby knit monstrosity bedecked with pom poms and garish colors.

There is a time and a place for these sweaters and they are known as “Tacky Christmas Sweater Parties”. I ended up hosting one of these five years ago when about 7 of my friends all showed up at a holiday cocktail party dressed in their mom’s hottest holiday fashions from 1986. It was awesome.

But wearing one when you don’t see the obvious humor in it is even more awesome. Maybe not for you but definitely for sarcastic (possibly mean) co-workers like me who have to duck into the copier room to stifle the giggles brought about by your apparent lack of awareness.

As of today we have 15 more days until the blessed Christmas holiday graces us with its presence (yes, it is a pun) and I hope to see an influx in the amount of co-workers rocking these looks.

~The Office Scribe

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Samantha said...

Oh yes, these tacky sweater wearing co-workers are loads of fun! I also like the people that are too scared to do the gaudy shirts and go the scary, insanely flashy holiday pin route instead...that way the tackiness is an accessory and not the main focus.