Thursday, December 4, 2008

Flakes of the Apocalypse

Last night Chicago was rumored to be hit with a snow storm of epic proportions. All day my co-workers and I frequently checked to see how close the giant light-blue was to our office. We lifted the blinds so we could see the wall of white when it finally crashed down upon us. People were retelling stories about horrible commutes home and how last night could join them in the annals of drives from hell. I even called my GrandMa and cancelled out weekly dinner because I didn’t want to prolong the amount of time that I would be out on the road.

My normal commute time home is roughly 30 minutes.

Last night it took me 37 minutes to get home.

What. The. Hell.

Where were the sloppy roads full of slush that should have sent my car careening into a lamp post? Or the hoards of slow moving “virgin” drivers who forgot how to drive in the powder since last March?

I didn’t even have to scrape my car off this morning.

Thanks for nothing Mr. Weatherman.

~The Office Scribe

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