Monday, December 29, 2008

It’s Like I Never Left

Sometimes I don’t know why I even take days off from work.

I wasn’t here for the past five days, it being the holidays and all. And this week I only work three out of five days. And while it is great to get a chance to see family and friends and catch up on laundry, it is almost a bigger pain to leave and have to deal with everything that is waiting for you when you come back than it would have been to just stick around in the first place.

Wow, that was a long-ass sentence.

So even though things are slow due to the economy and the holidays, I still came back to my desk with seventeen e-mails and a rather lengthy list of things to do. Instead of discussing with my co-workers what we all got for Christmas and who has the worst family I have practically been chained to my desk in order to get everything done that I need to since I won’t be here Wednesday and Thursday. (Not my choice. Company is shut down those two days.)

Blah, this entry is getting too introspective and boring. So I will end it on how the Jews saved me from being late to work today.

My parking space at my condo building, while incredibly close to the front door, is located on a slight slant that all the water from melting snow likes to pool in and freeze my tires to the pavement. While I was gone this weekend I really was hoping that I would come back to a clean parking lots sans snow because the temps here were so warm. Not what happened. I went out to my car this morning only to see that it was locked in the middle of a giant patch of two inch thick ice that the Blackhawks could have played on.

What to do, what to do. I had used the last of my melt-ice to get my car out of my spot on Christmas Eve to finish my shopping (I know, nothing like waiting to the last minute.) So I thought of the next best thing: Morton Kosher Salt aka a chef’s best friend. So much better than that iodized crap that people keep in their salt shakers Kosher Salt has a more pure flavor and just the right consistency for loosening the ice around the tires of my car. Within 5 minutes I was out of my spot and on my way to work.

So skip all that fancy ice thawing compounds and heavy bags of salt. Stick to Kosher, perfect for melting ice and brining turkeys the world over.

~ The Office Scribe

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