Friday, December 5, 2008

In this economy, we could do with less of the “green stuff”

So a bit of sad news swept through my office yesterday. Roughly 10% of the staff was “let go”, “laid off”, or whatever other PC term you want to use. I prefer “getting canned”, “handed their walking papers”, or “reason #435 why this will be a shitty Christmas”.

But instead of writing about that, which just makes my face hurt as my muscles alternate between a frown for seeing co-workers leave and a smile for me still being here, I decided to write about a much more pressing topic that swept into my life today while eating lunch…

Shredded lettuce.

I have no idea what fast food genius came up with this idea (though I really want to blame the “Sandwich Artists” at Subway”). And I can’t even attempt to justify its existence with any logic what-so-ever. All I know is that when I get a sandwich with shredded lettuce about 90% of it falls off into the paper wrapping, my lap, or my car seat should I be consuming it while driving. And don’t tell me it is easier to handle than a piece of leaf lettuce. That just isn’t true. That would be like telling me a bowl of spaghetti is easier to cram in your mouth than a piece of pizza. Again, that just isn’t true.

All I ask it that we start some kind of petition to bring back the leaf lettuce. Keep that shredded stuff off my sandwiches, wraps, and yes, even my tacos. I can honestly say there is no place for shredded lettuce in my life.

~The Office Scribe

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Irishrogue35 said...

And it isn't even good lettuce, like Romaine that they shred for this crap. It is iceberg lettuce, the crappiest type of all. No nutritional value, or taste. At least on the Big and Tasty, they use real lettuce!