Friday, January 11, 2008

Weekend Movie Suggestion # 1

Tired of having to be gone from the office for the weekend? Wish you could spend these days listening to co-workers complain, the printer make weird noises, and the coffee bake to the bottom of the pot? Well, I have come up with a solution. Every Friday I am going to post my:

work-related movie pick for people to watch while their away from the office but will make them feel like they are right back there!

Okay, that is a little wordy, so we’ll just refer to it from here on as Weekend Movie Suggestions. And without further ado, I present…

Weekend Movie Suggestion #1 – Clerks

At some point in everyone’s life they will work retail, whether is be at a the local Wal-Mart as a teenager, bagging groceries at the Jewel, or selling lottery tickers at the gas station. What I’m getting at is at some time in your life, you will be a clerk. And that is why you will be able to identify with this movie.

The basic plot is two guys (Dante and Randal) who work at a convenience store and video store spend one day dwelling on the finer aspects of their jobs and dealing with idiotic customers. It’s all in black and white and introduces two of the most iconic screen characters since Abbott and Costello met the mummy. Their names?

Jay and Silent Bob.

Other reasons it is a perfect weekend flick? Randal is a personal hero of mine. He is comfortable with his job and has no urge to leave it, but hates it with every bone in his body. His dialogue is sharp and cutting, filthy and perverted. From spitting on customers to renting hermaphroditic porn, he makes all us former clerks wish we could go back and do our jobs all over again.

This movie is responsible for the cult following that is devoted to Kevin Smith to this day and spawned a sequel, comic series and cartoon.

I guarantee you’ll like it or your money back*

Rated R - for extensive use of extremely explicit sex-related dialogue
Directed by: Kevin Smith
Starring: Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson

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