Thursday, January 3, 2008

If I’m looking at my computer I must be busy

These few days right after New Year’s are killing me. Not only am I coming down with my right-of-passage head cold, dealing with incompetent people at the body shop, and having my co-worker think I am a gypsy that can interpret his dreams, but it is so slow in my office I want to run away. Far away. In the cold. I don’t care.

A lot of people still seem to be out of the office or on vacation and no one is calling/e-mailing me. I think over the past two days I have actually done about four hours of work. And it is not like I am a lazy person. I like to be busy. I’m that crazy person that when things slow down will reorganize files or clean my desk. The only problem is that I have cleaned my desk so often that I think I am starting to take the finish off.

But I can’t let my boss see me looking bored. So aside from updating this blog I have concocted a loose schedule of how to keep me looking busy throughout the day.

If you don’t know Craigslist then you don’t know life. It’ is like eBay without the class. It can provide people with endless hours of free entertainment. My favorite sections are the Rants and Raves where the most degenerate people in the world post their thoughts (yours truly included), Missed Connections where the guy with the Mac laptop thought the girl with the nose ring made googley eyes at him, or Wanted where people before Christmas believe someone out there would sell them a brand new Nintendo Wii for $60.00 and a jar of metric measurement hex bolts. and/or
These sites are personally the best way to find out how many court appearances Britney Spears has missed or which Disney star is showing up naked on the internet this week. Yes, it is completely self indulgent and rarely has any real news-content but I love it.
Love the above websites? Can’t leave a super market checkout without buying OK! Magazine or the newest issue of people? Do you run home from work and put on E! before the evening news? Then this site is for you. It allows you to build a celebrity fantasy team (much like baseball) and compete against your friends to see who can get the most points during a “season”. It allows you to feel like you are putting all that useless knowledge to some sort of use.

Yes I am in my 20’s. Yes I went to college. Yes I think MySpace sucks. So of course I have a facebook account. How else would I be able to keep track (at a safe distance) of people’s romantic status’ or play The Office Trivia? (BTW I am ranked # 18 out of like 100,000 people. Yeah, I am that cool.)

Sometimes you just have to get up and walk around. I like to visit people in other departments. This is made much easier if I just carry a file folder with me and maybe a pen. People will not question what you are doing if you have a handy office supply to make it look like you are on a mission.

Check E-Mail
I have no idea why but I have like 7 different e-mail accounts that I use for very specific purposes. It takes me a good 30 minutes to check them all.

I am sure next week things will pick up around here. Wait, strike that. I am praying that next week things pick up around here. I think I’m developing carpel tunnel from all this clicking.

But just in case, anyone have any websites they like? Always looking for suggestions.

The Office Scribe

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