Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Today’s Presentation : How to not pass out during presentations

Can someone explain to me why the average temperature in the main conference room of my office building is roughly the same as the surface of the sun?

Usually when people go to work presentations they remember to bring a notepad and a pen. Not here. Not in my office. Here you have to first remove the cardigan that has been keeping you from getting frostbite at your desk. Then stop by the coffee bar and either fill up a Nalgeen bottle or grab your favorite flavor of Gatorade from the fridge. Anything to keep you hydrated.

Once you get in the room, make sure to grab a seat by the door. That way, when you can’t stand the heat you can, ahem, get out of the kitchen so to say.

The average length of a presentation around here is an hour. Usually it is accompanied by some sort of slide presentation or Power Point. Which means they turn the lights off. Which means that after the temperature starts to rise, it is much easier to fall asleep and miss 47 minutes of the presentation.

And that notepad you brought. Believe me, you are not using it to take notes. It’s become a hand fan that you are flicking back and forth as fast as possible, trying to move the stale air as it grows heavier and heavier before you pass out…

And the sweat. I can't even go into that.

So please, install a fan, make the chairs out of ice, do something! I don’t know if I can take it anymore.

The Office Scribe


A Whip-Smart Kind of Life said...

One thing you forgot to note - Meetings are always after lunch. Food coma is inevitable along with the warm meeting room and boring presentation.

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