Monday, January 14, 2008

Don’t forget to floss

A co-worker of mine recently commented on how people tend to use the company bathroom like it is their home bathroom. Namely, she has seen a rash of people brushing their teeth. First thought – Glad to hear people brush their teeth. Second thought – Eeeewwwwww.

Seriously, it the office bathroom the place where you would want to practice good dental care? It is not a really clean place. And this is not a slam on the building company. The little man who cleans the bathrooms, changes light bulbs, and shovels snow is one of my favorite people on earth. No matter what the man has a smile on his face and a happy little “hello” for anyone that crosses his path. It takes all the strength I have to not stop and hug the man, which is a huge thing because I am not a huggy person.

Anyway, the bathroom here is at the office is, well, kind of gross. It always seems wet. Comedian Dane Cook once said public bathrooms look like a big, wet dog just shook off in there. I couldn’t agree more. There is water all over the counters and on the floor. Do these people have a problem keeping the water in the sink at home? Are they such avid hand washers that they revert to their childhood and splash like they are in a shallow pool?

And the toilets. We have those fancy auto-flush toilets that always seem to flush 27 times before you have even sat down but afterwards you have to push the button because it won’t. What I don’t understand is why don’t people ensure that the toilet is in the same condition as when they used it? Again I ask, is this something they do at home? While these women yell at their husbands and boyfriends about nor lowering the seat do they get yelled at for not flushing?

Which brings me to another issue: paper towels. Yes, we have paper towels in our bathroom. (We also have hand dryers but seriously, those have never and will never dry anyone’s hands as well as paper towels.) But why can’t people throw them into the garbage can? It’s located right below the paper tower dispenser. Seriously, it is like 8 inches from point A to point B. So why are the towels always on the floor, counter, toilet(?) or being carried out by the person, who leaves the bathroom still wiping their hands?

So while I have not seen these mystery tooth-brushing femmes I will have to keep my eye out for them. Kind of them same way I keep watching for the gremlin that steals socks from my dryer.

The Office Scribe


MrG said...

I have to do it at work. You never know who u meet going home on the train

David said...

At the Dogfish Head brewery, the hand dryers have a sign that says "place hands under dryer, wipe hands on pants". The cleanest bathroom I have ever seen was the Cook County Department of Public Health. All the infectious disease people left the place as clean as they found it.