Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's January 2 - Why do you still smell like alcohol?

It’s officially a new year in my office and everyone is ready to start out on a high note. Files are getting organized, desk drawers are being cleaned out and the sweet aroma of Sweet Pea mixed with grain alcohol drifts about like an antiseptic cloud.

Apparently my co-workers did not ingest as much alcohol as I did on New Year’s Eve and feel the need to protect themselves from the dangers of the sniffles by constantly applying alcohol based hand sanitizer every time they touch a new surface. I think I have mentioned my overall hatred of this substance before but I would like to address it again.

Never have I known so many sick people as I have since the invention of waterless hand sanitizer. Nor have I ever met so many people who were fearful of getting a head cold since I started working at this office. I don’t mind the head cold. It’s like an annual right of passage. Plus while suffering from one I get the best sleep of my life due to a little friend I like to call NyQuil or Green Legal Como Syrup.

Remember when it was good enough to just wash your hands? Sadly I believe those days are long gone.

Now hand sanitizer has its place. And that place is outside of Port-A-Johns at summer concerts and festivals.

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