Monday, January 7, 2008

Water Cooler Chat 2008: American Gladiators

Most of the time Mondays around my office are slow. No one is really in gear after the weekend and they aren’t too concerned with getting work done because there are a whole ‘nother 4 days to get that all taken care of. So what do we do on Mondays then?

Talk about the weekend. Where we went. What we did. And most importantly, what we watched on TV. Which brings me to the ultimate water cooler conversation of all times:

American Gladiators

Talk about bringing all us 20-30 year olds back to our childhood. Who doesn’t have memories of body slamming a sibling and telling your mom “It’s okay, we’re playing American Gladiators”? Or throwing tennis balls as hard as you can at you neighbors dogs all under the guise of playing “assault”?

I am sure I won't be this excited again until the "ThunderCats" movie comes out!

Last night I curled up on the couch with a shot of DayQuil and my fleece blanket and watched 2 full hours of spandex clad glory hosted by Hulk Hogan (another childhood icon) and that chick from Dancing with the Stars who boxes or whatever.

And you know what the best part was? Aside from that dude who looks like a roadie for Metalicca or that someone ended up on crutches and another was bleeding, the ref is the same f&*(^#@ ref from when I was a kid. Sure, it now looks like he swallowed a toddler but there he was, in all his zebra authority, telling contestants not to throw punches and Gladiators to back off.

Other highlights include the guy who missed being on AG 14 years ago and got onto it last night only to have his ass handed to him on the pyramid, moving the hand bike to the middle of the Eliminator and watching the contestants drop off them because they were so exhausted, the barrel roll, and the lack of a fanny pack being worn by Hulk Hogan.

I am upset that I will be missing tonight’s episode but I guess going to dinner with my mom for her birthday is reason enough.

The Office Scribe

P.S. Happy Birthday to Mom and Maggie!!!

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MrSmashing said...

Absolutely loved seeing this show. Totally a trip down memory lane. Cannot wait till they hold tryouts in Chicago! And I gotta say, for an old guy, the Hulkster is really holding up. :-)

Thanks for giving me something to read to get me through my day. ;-)