Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Possibly The Greatest Website I Have Ever Found

So during a break from work I check my g-mail and find a message from one of my closest friends. It's about a dream, nay, a nightmare she had. And since we all know I have gypsy like powers when it comes to interpreting dreams, I thought I would give it a try.

In her dream she decided to get a tattoo. So she hauled me and some other friends down to the parlor and the guy suggested she get anaesthesia to cope with he pain. It was suppose to be a little tattoo. But when she woke up and saw our horrified looks, she knew something was wrong. Instead of the nice little Celtic knot on her hip her abdomen now sported the Notre Dame football stadium complete with "Touchdown Jesus".

After nearly choking on the water I was drinking as I read this I turned to where I go to get all my information: Google.

And after typing in "dreams" "tattoo" and "Touchdown Jesus" I was brought to this wonderful site that will now be in my daily "websites to read while I am bored at work" rotation.


Words can't describe how awesome this website is. As a former Catholic School student I had to fall to my knees and worship at the screen.

Seriously, you will not be disappointed with this website.

The Office Scribe

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