Sunday, May 31, 2009

Creature Of Habit

So I left work on Friday at 6:00 (my turn to pull the late shift) and had a mild panic attack when I looked down from our floor to where I usually park on the top of the parking lot and didn't see my car.  Seeing as how it was 6:00 on a Friday there were only about 3 cars up there and none of them where mine.

"Okay," I thought.  "I know I drove to work today. So where the hell is my car?"

I thought maybe it was towed for running a toll 3 years ago and not paying it.  (Yeah, the state of Illinois has a LONG memory.)  Funny enough, the thought that it was stolen didn't even occur to me.  Why?  Because I have secrectly been wishing for that to happen since I need a new car and I don't want to wait until August when I said I would.

Then it dawned on me:  For some strange reason I decided to park on the first floor in a sweet spot right next to the door.  I remember thinking "Wow, this is an awesome spot!  Sometimes it pays to start work at 10:00!"

That is until you forget where you parked and look like an idiot standing on the landing of the third floor looking for your car.

Thank god no one was there to see me.  

~ The Office Scribe


mustng0sally said...

Can't tell you how many times this happened to me in college. There's nothing quite like coming off a "my car was stolen" freak out and going directly into a "I'm a freakin' idiot" cringe.

NoTimeForRecess said...

This happens to everyone, but it's embarrasing still, because it seems like everyone is looking at you. Whenever I visit the mall, I forget where I parked. Was it outside Dillards, JCPenny's or Dick's Sporting Goods? MOST of the time I get it right, because I can remember a store I came in, but if I'm on the phone with somebody, I seem completely obvlivious to see landmarks.

GMP said...

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djkirk75 said...

Seems like I only have this problem at work. And it is always when I come in a little early or after a doctor's appointment. The thrill of getting the sweet spot is nothing compared to feeling like a complete idiot. I blame work for depleting my brain cells.