Thursday, May 21, 2009

No You Can Not Join The FC

Things You Can Do That Will Not Make Me Let You Be On The Fun Committee*:

Tell me how fun you are.  Hey, guess what?  We work together on a daily basis.  I have a pretty good idea if you are fun or not.  And if you have to tell me you are fun, methinks you aren't.

Threaten to start your own committee.  If you can convince the company to fund you in your little endeavor in this economy more power to you.  But chances are it isn't going to happen so I don't feel like the FC is in any danger

Mention how since a FC member was laid off you should get their position.  Two words:  Not Cool.  I know we are a bunch of vultures when it comes to scaveging items from the recently departed's desk but bringing up the sad fact that someone lost job in order to be "fun" doesn't work.

Bad mouth the FC.  I told you "no" for one of the above reasons so you think telling me how lame everything we do is will change my mind?  Think again.

Bring ideas to the table that require an act of god or a bailout from the federal government.  Yes, it would be awesome if we could give every a thousand dollars and a puppy instead of doing a company-wide breakfast, but be serious.  Where would be find that many dogs?  Last I checked Michael Vick wasn't in that business anymore...  (Too soon?)

Confuse the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa but think both are in Paris. Yeah, you know who you are.  And I want my Eiffel Tower back on my desk tomorrow.

Think that I have the power to make these decisions.  Sure, I am one of the founding members.  And yes, I do seem to have the position of authority within the committee.  But I am not an elected official given the power to make you a member of the FC or to keep you from being a member.  Go talk to HR.  Why do I keep saying no?  Because you let me and picking on people is one of my greatest joys in life.  Yeah, I am kind of a bully.  

~The Office Scribe

* Could I have worded that any weirder?  I don't even know what I am trying to say...

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Netbob said...

That is EXACTLY the state of mind for FC members. We all know that these people are ridiculed behind their brown nosing backs. They are seen as corporate shills wanting to be the ones sitting at the tables in the conference rooms with the cash boxes whenever they have their little *insert your favorite benefit cause here* events designed to make employees feel guilty and throw some money into the cash box in the name of 'fun.' And don't get me started on the events almost every company seems to hold on halloween (no risque or religion/minority bashing costumes please - but feel free to dress up.)