Monday, May 18, 2009

Manic Monday #5

So it seems that my company went and did the unthinkable and blocked all Blogger and Blogspot blogs.  So now I have to like take notes and then post them when I get home and you know what happens?  I think too much.  Bugger.

Whenever I hear a cellphone ring in the office and the ringtone is still the one that came with the phone I think, "Wow.  That person is really boring.  Why would anyone be calling them?"

When the background of your website is so distracting that the simplest text can't be read it's time to take your web designer out into the parking lot and beat him with a section of rubber hose.

Yes, I cut the head off the squeaky pig that everyone in the company got and put it on my Dundy Award from the season 2 DVD boxed set from "The Office".  So stop looking at me like I am Charles Manson and go back to your own cubicle.

When I started at my company you could go and grab supplies like pens and pads of paper off a cart by the mail room.  But then they realized that people were stealing things for home use so then they made you fill out a form when you needed stuff.  Seemed to work.  But recently they scrapped that idea to go more "green" and set up some complicated hard to find spreadsheet to fill out whenever you need a pen.  That's great.  Perhaps I will just stop using supplies at all.  I'll go totally green.  So when you start to get notes written in my own blood because I can't find a working pen and am too tired to fill out the form you can't complain.

Which brings me to this:

I was a little bored at work today and I was flipping through the office supply catalog and came across some things that I found odd amongst the pens and office furniture.  Namely:
- A tape gun shaped like a shark
- Pastel highlighters which I think defeat the purpose of highlighting, which if I am not mistaken is to make things stand out.
- Crayons
- Toe Tags (Okay, they may have been mailing tags but they looked like toe tags)
- A motivational poster that says "TEAMWORK - Many hands, many minds, one goal" with a picture of the Great Wall on it.  Um, correct me if I am mistaken, but I believe the Great Wall was built by soldiers, commoners, and prisoners.  And if that is what is in your office you may want to search for a new job.
- And the best item - a $300 stethoscope


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you have admin rights on your computer, but if you do try downloading Firefox. That's how I get around my work blocking Amazon and Ebay. Why only those two sites? Who knows.

~ Corri

Sandy said...

Sounds a little like my office. That darned IT guy finds a way to block a lot of things, naybe you can access the blog thru one of our blogs?
I always find ways around the system! Toe tags huh??? is that to use with the Stethoscope?

Bee said...

I'm the person they watch like a hawk when it comes to office supplies because I am a horrible wasteful individual.

I used to bring my own dryline liquid paper but now I made them order it just for me. ;o)

Holly said...

Try a government computer. No flickr, no blogspot, lots of stuff blocked for 'content' making it difficult to create presentations and research nutrition.

jenniedelaney said...

Love it. Your posts have me laughing so hard my cube mates have started reading too.

Ora - Looking for Offramp said...

My work blocked all the online news. They frown on us being informed, but have no problem with online shopping. I can live with that.