Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oh, It’s Fine Until I Run Out Of Fuel

Ever feel like you are in some sort of holding pattern? Like if you spread your arms like airplane wings you could circle your office for hours, unsure of when you would land, only coming back down to earth after your engines sputtered and you crashed into a marshy borderland*…

Okay, perhaps I am being a bit dramatic but I feel like there are a million things I should be doing but I can’t because I am waiting on answers from co-workers. And chances are those co-workers are waiting on answers from people on the other side of the planet, who are either waiting on answers themselves or ignoring the pleas, hoping we will go away.

I think this is why I could never be in charge of a business. I have no patience when it comes to waiting for people to get back to me. There is a wonderful little feature on Outlook where when you get an e-mail a small yellow envelope pops up in the lower right hand corner of the screen. I am compulsive in the way I check for new e-mails. Chances are if you send me an e-mail you will have one back from me in less than ten minutes with either an answer or telling you I need more time to find an answer.

How difficult is that?

Well, if you are any number of people that I deal with on a daily basis apparently getting back to me in a reasonable amount of time ranks right up there with turning coal into diamonds. It ain’t going to get done until I apply pressure for an extended period of time. (Or until I gain the powers of Superman and can crush you with my hand until you do my bidding.)

Sorry if I seem a little whiny today. Wednesday are not my favorite day of the week.

~The Office Scribe

* Note: This is one of those plane crash scenarios where no one is really injured. In my mind you get an adrenaline pumping ride on the way down and then get to exit the plane on one of those neat yellow bouncy slides. So yes, my warped perception of a plane crash compares it to more of a county fair than a horrific tragedy. Unless there are clowns. Then we are right back to horrific tragedy.

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