Monday, April 13, 2009

I Now Know Why The World Is Weeping

Today is not a pretty day. Huge fat cold raindrops are falling from the heavens like the tears of cherubs. I assume no one is smiling though it is hard to tell because everyone is hidden under the black nylon of a sensible corporate friendly umbrella. Though I know the sun is technically somewhere in the sky above me it is impossible to see beneath the heavy grey clouds.

And I know why this weather haunts us like specters of lovers past…

No, it’s not because it is April and the old adage of “April Showers bring May Flowers” decided to kick in half-way through the month.

Nor it is because the weather gods know how much I like baseball and want to postpone as many games as possible due to inclement weather.

No, the firmament is drab and dreary today because my lovely Walt Disney World Resort cup lid cracked and I had to throw it away.

A deal for anyone who stays on the property at $13.95, this cup allows unlimited refills from the canteen in each resort. When I was there last October in the morning it would be filled with steaming hot tea in order to wake me up for the fun filled day ahead. At noon it was a Diet Coke to quench my thirst. In the evening a simple hot chocolate which would help lull me to sleep in preparation for the next day.

And when I returned home it came to the office and acted as my tea cup, keeping it the perfect temperature for casual sipping as I progressed through my work.

But now it sits sadly in the trash next to the sink in the lunch room and the world weeps for its demise.

~The Office Scribe

* Sorry about the overly descriptive, flowery writing. I was talking to my cousin at Easter yesterday and he was making fun of me having a degree in Creative Writing and I felt like I needed to justify that diploma in a post today.


shopgirl101 said...

I swear my Store Manager has that same cup!!

Bee said...

Hey there buck up and all that jazz. What you can do is buy one online.

I would leave a flowery comment but all I could come up with is
"a new cup awaits for your petally lips just yonder." and seriously how sad is that?

As I told someone else, I'm still sh*tfaced and not the good kind where drugs and alcohol are involved.