Saturday, January 23, 2010

Please Organize That Desk....Top

At my company, if you are an hourly employee, you have to clock in on arrival and departure so they can pay you properly. And this is done on the computer (though I really wish we had the old fashioned punch cards and tie clocks, but I am on old fashioned kind of gal). Normally this is not an issue, but if an employee was running a few minutes late, because say, the new guy moving into the condo on the second floor felt the need to park a moving truck in front of my car, thus preventing me from leaving on time, this can sometimes be an issue.

See, my computer has been taking FOREVER to start up in the morning. Seriously, it’s like my PC is reenacting the scene from the hangover where Stu is just wandering around the hotel room thinking “What the hell happened here?”

That being said, I sometimes go and use someone else’s computer to punch in. This small act has opened up a window into the lives and souls of my coworkers. Basically, I am amazed by how unorganized their desktop icons are. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to them. They are in any order and they certainly aren’t in straight lines on the screen.

Maybe I’m anal, but I can’t do my job if my desktop isn’t organized. I have a small picture as my wallpaper (Which I change frequently) but all my icons are lined up on either side like a chess board. The ones on the left are the less frequently used ones and administrative icons while the ones on the right are those I can’t live without.

Anyone would be able to sit down at my computer and find exactly what they need.

So dear co-workers, clean up your desktops so I don’t have to go searching for the Virtual Time Clock when I show up a few minutes late.

Yes, it is all about me. You had doubts?

~ The Office Scribe


Daffy said...

Seems to a prevelant issue! I always amazed at the desktops of some of the classroom teachers I see. How they could possibly find ANYTHING is beyond me!

Like you, I suppose I gravitate more towards anal when it comes to organization. I want to be quick and efficent because who wants to waste time looking for something when you could be using that time to blog?


Anonymous said...

I like that you let everyone know that it is all about you. nice laugh, thank you.

I'm anal too. Things just should be organized. They have to be done some way, so do them in an organized way.

My wife is total opposite. ugh.

singedwingangel said...

OH I am anal about my computer as well. I am always rearranging icons and backgrounds and stuff.. Hubby says I can redecorate my puter anytime I want it's the living room and br he has issues with lol.

Ed Adams said...

I'm soooooo lucky that we don't have to punch in and out.

Tracie said...

I don't really work in an office so I don't have this specific issue. But I do get very frustrated about our PC and what a cluster it is.

PS My word verification is focke. Finished my cluster for me. LOL