Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Office Scribe - ON ICE!!!

There were no magical costumes.

Or medleys from "The Lion King".

Nor were there semi-enthralled kids who are cracked out of their minds on cotton candy.

There was just me, flailing like Hans Gruber after being tossed off the Nakatomi Building.

Chicago was hit with something called freezing rain last night.  I don't really understand what freezing rain is because I thought if precipitation fell from the heavens and it was below 32 degrees it was considered snow.  But, no, it was raining last night which mean everything was encased in ice like an individually frozen chicken breasts.

And since I haven't invested in crampons for my tractionless work shoes (which are the same Doc Marten's I've had for going on 12 years now...) it was a bit like the ice follies attempting to get from my apartment to my car and from the car to the office.  Luckily once I got to my car I had not problem getting in and the heated seats made up for the tensed up way of walking I used to get to my car to stop me from falling on my arse.  The dumb Eclipse (which if you read any of my previous posts or follow me on Twitter you know I have no love for) looked like a block of solid ice.

It made me giggle.

Once I arrived at work, it wasn't any better.  I watched a car slide dangerously close to one of the light posts which made me wonder if it fell on my car would my company make me take a vacation day to deal with the sorrow of seeing my baby crushed?  Or could I use a bereavement day?

Thank god it warmed up enough to melt the crazy ice, thus making my trip home it's usualy delightful 14 minute ride home to my cozy apartment which I should be cleaning instead of blogging about ice.

Still, I think I have my priorities straight.

~ The Office Scribe


wheels209 said...

Hey O.S. I would buy that ticket to Office Scribe on ice. Glad you made it to and from work ok.Best,

Cecilia T said...

Omg Indiana was the same way. I had to grab out to cars and drag my self just to walk out of the parking lot this morning, with out them I just kept sliding sideways. Ridiculousness! =)

TS Hendrik said...

I used to love weather love like that. Though I think the love was proportionate to how young I was. When you don't have to drive in those conditions you're free to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

grab some chili on the way home

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Don't mean to be snarky...but it was in the 70's here and gorgeous. Okay, so maybe a little snarky.

The Office Scribe said...

Lee, I appreciate snark, believe you me.

But come on! That is rubbing salt on a wound. 70 and pleasant is my fav type of weather!

Annie @ astonesthrowfrominsanity said...

Being that I grew up in FL and now live in the very gray and very cold midwest, I can honestly say that I hate freezing rain. Warm rain- OK, but freezing?!? It pretty much sucks. :)

Ed Adams said...

I hear ya. We had the same shit here.

shopgirl101 said...

I'm a couple hours south of Chicago and we got all the freezing rain, too. I almost fell on my ass walking up the incline to my apartment. Thanks for salting the sidwalks, Apartment Mart!

The Office Scribe said...

Okay, so now the ice is gone but it is so foggy it looks like the moors.

If I quit blogging its because I was mauled by the Hound of the Baskervilles.