Monday, January 4, 2010

Manic Monday: Happy 2010 Edition

Something tells me my fellow employees were not overjoyed at having to return to the office today.  And that something was the deafening silence that lasted throughout the morning and into the afternoon.

The best part of starting a new year in the office is seeing all the new calendars go up.  Today I hung my cupcake themed page-a-day which has 365 recipes for cupcakes and muffins.  Here's to hoping no one's New Year's resolution was to eat less baked goods.

I make coffee at work at least a few times a week and today was the first day I noticed that when it starts it sounds like a rocket ship blasting into space.

Today I told a coworker that my mind is perpetually in the gutter.  Her response: "That's what I like about you."

Fun Fact:  The adhesive on a Band Aid is strong enough to pull nail polish off.  Guess how I found this out?

I'm convinced the cleaning crew is stealing my paper clips and selling them on the black market.  How else can you explain the constant lack of paper clips?

~ The Office Scribe


Jo said...

I don't think that they are stealing them. I'm an office cleaner and have noticed that there are some that have barely any paper clips at all and then there are ones that have so many they have like 2 or 3 dishes to keep them in. I think that people use them and then pass the paper work along. Unfortunately, your the one who never gets them back. Bummer eh?

I do vacuum up TONS of them as well.

Ed Adams said...

Our cleaning crew used to steal our candy from the candy dish.

That was the ONLY thing that they did.

They evidently forgot the "cleaning" part of their job title.

The Office Scribe said...

Aww Jo, I didn't mean to bash cleaning crews. I will say, my garbage can is always empty and they haven't moved my Moose hide shoes from their place under my desk.

Of course, this next part is in agreement with Ed, as they have not moved my shoes because I think they only vacuum when a blue moon occurs on New Years Eve, which as we learned the other night, is once every 19 years. Just ask the petrified Cheetoh under my desk.

Travis said...

I'm coming to get that Cheetoh.

The Office Scribe said...

TRAVIS!!! No Cheetohs for you. I'll drop a stick of celery under there.

Jo said...

We have a cleaning schedule where I work. But the main thing thats odd is that they don't vacuum... wth? Desktops, garbage, and floors are a MUST.

I'd investigate and find out what their duties are. Getting contracts for a company is very competitive and if they want to stay employed, they'll do their job.