Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Temporary Solution Is Still A Solution

Earlier today I heard something making a faint vibrating/rattling sound somewhere to the left of me. So I leaned my head closer to my cubicle wall and listened, trying to trace the origin of the sound. It wasn’t my fan (this being March I haven’t even turned it on in months) nor was is my paper holder with picture of Jim Thome. It took me a few minutes but I then realized it was coming from somewhere in my covered shelves that are lofted over a section of my desk.

This was a problem. While most people keep important work related documents in their overhead storage areas, I keep things like coffee creamers, an empty fishbowl, my highly coveted roll of paper towels, paper plates, Christmas wrapping paper and other assorted goodies. Aside from my Atlas I don’t think anything up there is really critical. Since there is so much stuff up there I knew finding the exact item that was distracting me wouldn’t be easy to find, so I fixed the problem the way I do so often: I shoved stuff around until the rattling stopped.

Of course as soon as one of the cleaning people bumps my desk cleaning at night or I absent mindly walk into the cubicle wall I am sure I will knock something loose and start the noise all over again.

But until then there is one less thing to distract me at work. Only 4897298437 other things to go.

~The Office Scribe

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