Thursday, March 26, 2009

It Smells Like Someone Slaughtered Snuggles

I have no idea what an office is supposed to smell like.  Possibly a combination of coffee and that weird inky smell the printer gives off when it overheats.  

What I do know is that it is not supposed to have the overwhelming sent of dryer sheets.  I walked over to a co-workers cubicle today (if you are reading this you know who you are...) to answer a simple question.  As I was chatting with him I couldn't help but noticed a strong odor what smelled like clean laundry.  Really, really clean laundry.

I was about to walk away but I had to find out what the scent was, so I asked.

"Oh," he replied, "it's my reed diffusor, you like?"

Now there are few things that I do in life that I would describe as "especially girly".  Baking gourmet cupcakes is one.  My love of all things scented - candles, air fresheners, oil heaters - is another.  I have candles scattered around my apartment.  I light them all the time.  I like the smell and have been told by some that I have an unhealthy attraction to fire - but that's another blog post.

But I really don't understand why people need air fresheners at work.  There is nothing at work that I feel like I need to mask with the scent of freesia, patchoulli, or pine needles.

And I know that what I think smells nice may not smell nice to a co-worker.  And when stink like that gets trapped in cubicles it practically explodes out each time the person leaves, sending waves of scent rippling over us like the cloud of ash from a recent volcanic explosion.

So the next time you want to make your cubicle more "homey", get a bobble head like a normal office worker...

~The Office Scribe


David said...

I obviously don't know Mr. Clean Laundry Reed Diffuser but I'm going to step up here.

For a lengthy period, I worked in the cubical adjacent to a guy who brought leftover goat meat for lunch every day. He heated it up in the kitchenette and ate it at his desk. He was also very flatulent on an incredibly regular basis.

I could not have survived in my cubical without something to mask or overwhelm his smells and farts.

Maybe none of this applies to your office mate but it was necessary for me. Two sides to every story.


Lis said...

Well the reed diffuser is better than the original Glade plug in he brought. That smell was incredibly overwhelming and gave me an awful headache.

But yeah, our office does not smell, I do not really understand the need to even have something like it in the first place.

Suzi said...

I like yummy smells, and i was thinking about bringing in a reed diffuser. . . Ever heard of aromatherapy - it can help with stress, work can be stressful. So don't you come sneaking into my cube for some aromatherapy stress relief missy. Your banned :-| lol (j/k)

Stickman said...

I think i might bring in some incense to work and shove one reed up each of my nostrils. The guy across from me can't live without his two daily snacks of sardine tins. I can't even describe the amount of reek that is created. So nasty!