Monday, March 23, 2009

Mozart Makes Mondays Less Mundane and More Movie-like

So I am back in the office, ensconced within the comfy confines of my cubicle, and though I had about 65 e-mails to go through this morning, things have been relatively quiet. I can’t imagine I missed much in the three days I was gone last week. So when I got back from lunch and was about to slip into a traditional afternoon coma I decided in order to remain sitting upright and thus draw less attention to myself I would pop my iPod earbud in one ear and let the tunes make the day go faster.

I am not sure why but this weekend I was feeling very classical and downloaded about 30 songs from such musical heavyweights as Beethoven and Wagner. The kind of stuff that I play when I am cleaning my house. Those pieces that make an otherwise insignificant scene in a movie packed with drama.

And wouldn’t you know it had the same effect on my Monday afternoon?

When the iPod was on it was like I was in a cinematic masterpiece where the main character was about to crack some ever important computer code or watch as the office was blown apart in some sort of slow motion explosion that would send her flying through the window. Or perhaps a phone call from a mysterious stranger would come through and send out heroine one a chase around the city Run Lola Run style.

When the iPod was off it was like being snapped back to reality. Clicking computer keys, incoherent voices on phones, the general office din that makes time come to a grinding halt.

This little musical revelation has given me the urge to seek out some sort of speaker system and play music that would inspire my fellow co-workers, like that scene in Shawshank Redemption.

I think it would definitely be worth a month in the hole, or perhaps a broom closet…

~The Office Scribe

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David said...

Oh yeah, is great to have some soundtrack from time on time in our lives. I remember riding the crowded Metro in the capital of my country and selecting a different soundtrack everyday: electronic, romantic, folk... and the people around me assumed all those different attitudes. Did you see that there are actually hidden rhythms in all that people do?

You definitely should risk the brooms' closet.