Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Lady of Leisure

Today I am not at work.  And no, I didn't call of sick, though according to Facebook everyone and their mother has some sort of illness.  Nope, I took a few days off to just do some truly exciting stuff.

Okay, that's a lie.

So far today I have cleaned my kitchen and done some laundry.  Tomorrow I am headed to my mom's house to help her empty a storage shed.  Perhaps I will even help clean her garage.

What does it say about my life that doing chores is a vacation for me?

~The Office Scribe


Titou said...

enjoy your vacation!! :)

Scrappy Doo said...

Hope you enjoy your time off!

Anonymous said...

I do exactly the same thing, but it makes me feel better :)

David said...

Confronted with the chance of taking the same sort of vacation here at my place, I decided I'd rather not... the unfinished chores just make this apartment look like some other exotic place.

But I do want to see my mom...