Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Screw The Coffee - COME BACK JIM THOME!!!

I got to work this morning and went and got a cup of coffee as usual.  But when I arrived at the coffee pot there was about 2 ounces sitting in there, slowly evaporating.  I grumbled and started a fresh pot, already crafting the blog post about people not starting a new pot once they finish (or almost finish) the old one.  I got back to my desk, the words flowing so fast I was afraid I wouldn't remember them.  I was about the sit down and jot some choice notes down when I realized it was December 1 and I hadn't flipped the page on my White Sox calendar.

So I did.

And all thoughts of posting about anything work related went right out the window in one giant sob.  For here is the image that graces the month of December on my White Sox calendar:

For those of you who don't follow baseball or are new to this blog, Jim Thome was an amazing part of the Chicago White Sox.  In fact, he was my favorite player.  I was in such awe that my grandmother bought me an official jersey at a game one night.  I saw the man hit his 500th career home run on Jim Thome bobble head night.  And I cried.  And then, the White Sox organization ripped my heart out by trading him away.

I thought I had come to grips with him being gone.  I was getting to the point where I no longer collapsed when I looked at the jersey hanging in my closet (next to the Urlacher one, another piece of clothing not getting much wear this season for reasons obvious to anyone who follows the Bears).  Sitting at my desk I was no longer distracted by the Bobble Head who I knew no longer resembled the man I adored.

But the world had to keep spinning, bringing us to the month of December and a 31 day reminder of what I miss most about baseball.

Damn you Kenny Williams and Father Time.  I hope you both shit in your bed tonight*.

~ The Office Scribe

* Again, for those of you new to the blog, this was one of my dad's favorite sayings.  And I cherish it.


Ed Adams said...

I love the Sox too, but tis the season for the Foot kind of ball.

The Office Scribe said...

I would watch football if we had a professional team in Chicago.

James said...

you kill the joe, you make some mo'

The Office Scribe said...

What a fabulous TV. Would you bedazzle that on a t shirt for me to wear on casual Fridays?