Monday, December 21, 2009

Manic Monday: The Holy Hell Edition

Now normally, in a Manic Monday post, I come up with a series of revelations that I had throughout the day and write them for you to read in a vivid rainbow of colors.

That.  Ain't.  Happening.  Today.

You would think that the week before a major holiday things would be slow.  And you would be wrong.  I actually worked an hour and a half of overtime today because I have way too many things going on.

So no fun colors.

No witty sayings.

No off color jokes.

Perhaps if I survive this week and Christmas, I'll be more scribe-like next Monday.

~ The Office Scribe

P.S. Though on a unrelated note I did hit Best Buy on my lunch break (I had to flee the office while I had the chance) and picked up a nice little GPS unit for Christmas.  Yeah, I know, sweet.  Especially since it was for me from my Grams, who is the coolest lady in the world.  Jealous?  I though so.


shopgirl101 said...

You are brave to venture into a Best Buy this close to Christmas. A friend of mine was just there and texted "the line starts all the way back by the vacums!"

The Office Scribe said...

Well it was either "Head into Best Buy and get my GPS" or "Don't head into Best Buy. Don't buy GPS. And don't get a super sweet Christmas present."

So I went in and got out with both my life and my sanity.

Travis said...

Who needs to post blogs?

I just piss people off when I do it.

Ed Adams said...

WTH are you still doing at work this late?

You should be at home, not sleeping under your desk, or shopping at Best Buy.

The Office Scribe said...

Sometimes you just have to stay and get the work done - because you know there will be more tomorrow.