Monday, December 28, 2009

Manic Monday: The Post Christmas Edition

So I guess everyone got a stocking full of crazy over the weekend because every single e-mail and phone call I received today left me scratching my head and saying "Huh?" or "What?" or "You can't be serious..."  Perhaps next year I should send everyone sedatives and Snuggies so everyone will be relaxed when I get to work and am not in the mood to actually do anything.

I would like to extend a special holiday greeting to the person who parks next to me at my condo building and cleaned off their Eclipse by throwing all of the snow on it onto my car.  I loved coming home this morning from my moms before heading off to work to find snow piled up past my tires.  Just to let you know:  Game On.  I have picked up your thrown gauntlet and accept your challenge.  My Jeep had now problem with the 2 feet of snow.  Let's see how your little 2 door crap car does when I stack all the snow from the next snowfall behind it.

I spent most of the past two days cooking appetizers for a party my mom had at her place yesterday, which means 2 things:
1 - I am exhausted beyond tired.
2 - I had the best lunch today made up of whatever was left over.  I felt like a homeless person outside a catering company.

My mom did bring a smile to my face today when she called and asked if I was taking my own advice and sleeping under my desk.  I told her no, because I didn't have my wearable sleeping bag and they still haven't cleaned up the Cheetohs I spilled on the floor last week.

It's December in Chicago which means most days are grey and cold, which would have been perfect today because it suited my mood.  But no, I have to be a crabby hot mess on the one sunny day we have had in weeks.  People kept oohing and aahhing over how sunny and bright it was outside.  If my sunglasses had been the same prescription as my reading glasses I would have been wearing them as I worked.

Today my department had to clean the kitchen, but that is such a fascinating tale that I am going to devote tomorrow's entire post to it.  Some things are just too important for a Manic Monday (even if they occurred on a Manic Monday and made it even more Manic than usual.)

~ The Office Scribe


Travis said...

I really think you should clean those Cheetohs up. Shit, they might still be good.

Bee said...

Everybody was talking about the freaking sun today at the asylum too! I sit next to a window so I had to have old armpits leaning over me!

I cannot wait for the kitchen post!

The Office Scribe said...

I leave the Cheetos as an indicator as to how often they vacuum.

And the kitchen post will be epic! As are all my posts.

Chris said...

Many years ago we had a seriously large snowstorm (for PA) and one of my neighbors spent several hours shoveling out his car. He left to go to the grocery store and while he was gone, someone pulled into the space. You NEVER do that in front of someone's house on a busy street. After four hours, he got really angry and spent hours shoveling that car INTO the space. At 11PM the woman came out to go home and when she saw the mess, she called the police. Everyone (including the police, I think) thought it was hysterical and appropriate. He wasn't cited but he DID have to shovel her back out. I bet she never did that again!! Can't wait to hear what you do to the Eclipse!! CAS