Thursday, December 3, 2009

Being Of Two Minds

About this time each year (give or take a few weeks, this is Chicago after all) the first snowfall occurs and can have one of two effects on people in the workplace:

1) Aww, look outside!  It's snowing!  How lovely.  I hope some of it sticks around and covers up the ugly, dead grass.  Maybe when I get home from work I'll make a cup of hot chocolate and get busy writing my Christmas cards.

2) Holy hell!  Is that SNOW outside? Did anyone watch the news?  How much are we supposed to get?  If it takes me one second longer to get home tonight because of assholes who don't remember how to drive in the snow I'm going to cut a bitch.  And don't expect me to be in tomorrow.  The commute is always worse in the morning.

I like to see which one of these two categories people I work with fall into by casually approaching their cubicles and saying "Well look at that.  It's snowing."

By far my favorite reactions are from those who fall into the second category.  Reactions I received today include:
- Jumping up like a jackrabbit to see if I am lying, then scowling
- Wrinkling of ones nose.
- Numerous questions regarding flake size
- Groans, grunts, and other assorted noises of disaproval
- And one person wondering if the office might be closed tomorrow due to the snow.

The last reaction was priceless on so many levels.  In my three years at the company I have never known of the office to close for anything than a major holiday.  Secondly, it was about 45 degrees yesterday.  The day before that it was about 50.  This past weekend was so warm that I put up outside Christmas decorations in a t-shirt.  Which means that he few flakes that were falling melted the second they hit the warm ground.

Just think - this is just the start of winter.  I have 3-4 months of this to put up with...

~ The Office Scribe


Travis said...

Oh the hopeful "Do you think we'll be closed tomorrow? We should really be closed tomorrow. It's just not safe. We can't be expected to risk our lives for this company. I'm not going to do it. I won't. Listen. You shouldn't either. Really. Let's all not show up! MUTINY!!!"

"Oh. Yeah, sure boss. I think I can make it in..."

J said...

You got that right. I work in a hospital on the midnight shift. I hear that it is going to snow: I leave earlier than ususal, take my time and chose a safe route. When I get to work, I have one chick ask me,"Is it bad outside or Is it snowing?" Duh, it is winter so you need to be cautious and we don't work in a cave...look outside sometime. The morning shift asks like it is a surprise and comes in whenever..Don't let that happen to them when it is a snow storm in the evening. I like snow, just wish that the state and city crews can clean off the road in a timely fashion. My turtle behind needs a clean surface take my butt to work. Unless it is too much and I'll have to stay at home because of road closures.