Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Ahh, the immortal lyrics as posed by The Clash.

Also the question most office employees find themselves asking when they start to see snow fall which will most likely effect their evening commute.

Most people seem to be in the "I should leave early" camp.  They see the snow start to fall and begin to ponder the ways that they might get out of work early.  Sometimes it is a legitimate reason, like they live far away or need to be home in time for something important.  Other times the reasons are a little bit suspect, such as that they need to get home because their Tivo isn't working.  And sometimes, they are just honest, saying they want to leave early.

Personally, I am of the other school of thought.  I believe that snowy commute is better if you just stay at work later.  Today, for example, I stayed at work until 6:20 PM and it took me about 25 minutes to get home.  Sometimes on a nice spring day it takes me longer to get home than that.  Sure, the roads were slushy and I couldn't go faster than 35 mph, but hell, there were fewer cars on the road and it was great.

Of course, it also helps that I drive a Jeep Liberty with 4 wheel drive that would allow me to drive over Everest if I wanted to.

~ The Office Scribe


Travis said...

Jeep Liberty's are the shit.

I had one once.

It was the shit.

Yeah I said it twice. Because they are.

(word verification is "hortipit." This is something a Jeep Liberty could drive over with no problem."

Ed Adams said...

I usually just say I'm allergic to snow.

Then I leave and go sledding with the kids.

It's awesome.

word verification is "micave" which coincidentially is the same thing I call my restroom at home.

Jen_Ann_W said...

I work in Michigan but live in Ohio, and what I love most about my commute is the moment you hit the state line. Michigan apparently doesn't believe in clearing the roads so there's usually a physical bump where the snow starts and stops. It's a joy.

Also Jeep CHEROKEES are the shit. Unless they get stolen & you wind up with a Civic.

The Office Scribe said...

Yes, my car is the shit. And I have never thought of using the excuse that I am allergic to snow. If I sneeze perhaps that will add some cred.

And a Civic? Yowza!

Crysta said...

Ironically, Monday's commute (not a cloud in the sky!) took a full two hours due to a broken train ahead of us. Last night (Armageddon, if you believe the weather people)was exactly an hour, as usual.

I love how public transit doesn't necessarily follow the weather trends.