Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Results Are In" The Co Worker Christmas Present Poll

This weeks poll asked you readers if you purchase Christmas/Holiday presents for your co-workers.  And here are the results:

Yes : 6 Votes
No: 9 Votes

Aww, really to the 9 people who said "no"?  There's not one employee at your place of work that you feel deserves a little love in the shape a of Starbucks gift card or a Motivational Poster for Christmas?

I only plan on buying a present for one co-worker (I'll bake for the rest of them).  Which makes me think, what do you guys buy your co-workers if you are getting them a present?  I am looking for ideas.

~ The Office Scribe

I'll get a new poll and sit down and answer the FAQ's people have left me when I get home from seeing A Christmas Carol (stage production, not the movie) which means you have like 8 hours to get any last minute questions in.

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Anonymous said...

handmade christmas ornaments is our MO