Monday, December 7, 2009

Manic Monday - Good Friday Edition

Whoa.  Wait?  What?  Did I read that right?  Good Friday Edition?  Did I just wake up from a Rip Van Winkle-esque nap and find that I missed Christmas and skipped straight to Easter?

Nope.  You did in fact, read the title of this post correctly.  And no, you didn't fall asleep.  Today, even though it is Decemeber 7, is my Good Friday.  How is that possible?  Well, at the company I work for if you work Good Friday, you get what is refered to as a Comped Holiday for you to use anyother time of the year.  And seeing as how I worked Good Friday and was out of vacation days, I took today as a comped holiday in order to help my mom decorate her house for Christmas. (I know, I am an awesome daughter.  You should all be lucky to have children as cool as me.)

So today's Manic Monday is about the thoughts I had while I wasn't in the office but here, decoratig my mom's house and being awesome.

Christmas trees are beautiful.  My Christmas tree is beyond beautiful.  It takes 3 days to put up, stands at over 11 feet tall, and is covered in tinsel.  And you know the only thing that makes it even more amazing?  Three glasses of Pinot.  Who needs acid when you have moderately priced wine and holiday decorations.

Whenever I have the day off work and think "sweet!  I can watch TV all day" I am reminded that I should be happy that I am emplyed because there is absolutely nothing to watch on TV during the day.  Except for soap operas (which, let's face it, my IQ is too high for) and ads for Snuggies (which I will never buy but would happily accept as a Christmas present).

Speaking of TV, the thing I watched the most of today was local, Northern Illinois news.  Apprently, snow is coming.  This isn't a surprise seeing as it is December, but the way they are talking about it you would think we were about the endure a real life recreation of the movie "The Day After Tomorrow".  Which would be cool because of Dennis Quaid but would bite because there aren't enough copies of "Twilight" in the world for me to stay warm long enough for help to come and get me.

Everything I put into a microwave usually dries out, with the exception of french fries.  I put those puppies in and BAM!  They are a hot, soggy mess.  Someone could make millions if they find a solution to this problem.

If I wake up tomorrow and my car doesn't start, it isn't because of the weather, but because my mom was awesome enough to let me park it in the garage since I have a 1.5 hour commute into work tomorrow.  My car isn't parked in a garage, well, ever.  I feel like the shock alone may cause it to cease running.  Like dumping a bass you caught into a nice aquarium.  Ain't going to last long.

Last night I died my hair a shade called "Espresso".  And while it is basically my natural hair color I wonder if people will notice tomorrow at work.  (Aside from those I work with who read this blog...)

Back to the grind.

~ The Office Scribe


shopgirl101 said...

You ARE an awesome daughter. I don't think I would ever help my mom put up her MILLION Christmas decorations even if someone put a gun to my head. Then again, if she supplied me with enough wine, I MAY be willing.

Travis said...

I shit you not, I put a bass, a crappie and a catfish in a fish tank one time. Called it my "Oklahoma" tank. Guess what went first?

Chris said...

A couple of months ago I got nearly 6 inches cut off my hair. No one, and I mean NO ONE, noticed. So either they never knew my hair was long before, or never look at me at all to see the difference. I hope someone notices YOUR hair!!

The Office Scribe said...

Aww, thanks Shopgirl! I am thinking about having t shirts printed up declaring how awesome I am.

Oh Travis. Travis. Travis. Travis. That is why you either keep fish in the lake or in the cooler in the back of your pickup truck.

And no one noticed my hair, but I was lazy and had it in a bun, so perhaps tomorrow when I wear it down people will notice.

dadadadio said...

When you nuke food put a damp paper towel over the food. The moisture in the paper will be sucked up leaving the moisture in your tasty diah.