Monday, November 30, 2009

Manic Monday #18

E-mail tip:  If you receive an e-mail as part of a blast e-mail with many recipients asking if anyone has seen a set of forms please don't feel compelled to reply if you haven't seen them.  Chances are if I don't hear from you I will assume you don't have them.  Unless you are being a prick but then if that is the case we have some bigger fish to fry.

Who was the first person who decided to slice almonds?  And how many fingers was he left with after this endeavor?

The great thing about coming back from any sort of holiday or extended break is that it provides you with a built in topic of conversation for you and your co-workers.  Instead of the usual Monday morning grumblings we chatted about brined turkeys, crazy relatives, and Black Friday shopping.  Perhaps this is an excellent argument for more paid time off:  better inter-department communication.

I got the Cheetoh munchies at work today.  Some people crave chocolate.  Others liquor.  For me, it's crunchy Cheetohs.  Thank god the vending machine stocks them in both A3 and A7 so the chance of me not being able to get one are slim.  Which is a good thing for my sanity and the safety of my co-workers.

Did you know I am running a little contest?  Because I am.  Read yesterdays post for all details.  And yes, there is a fabulous prize.  And no, I am not sure what it is yet.

~ The Office Scribe

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