Monday, November 9, 2009

Manic Monday #16

You know how I know I have awesome colleagues?  Because I came into work today to a package of Lebanese flatbread on my desk from a co-worker who knows how much I love flatbread.  Attention to insignificant details shows that you care.

Due to the unseasonably warm weather in Chicago I feel like I am going through the early stages of menopause.  It's about 65 degrees outside and about 165 degrees inside my office.  I turned the heat off in my apartment - why can't they do the same in the office?  The only way I am able to combat the hot flashes it to drink gallons of ice water, which means I will be rather unproductive today since I will be sprinting to the bathroom every 30 minutes.

My mind was plagues by the heaviest of thoughts today.  No, it wasn't about the economy.  Nor was it about the healthcare situation.  Or about the fact that Sammy Sosa is now white.  All I could think about was going home and going straight to bed.  I have been housesitting for about 5 nights now and every night I was sleeping in what may possibly be the most uncomfortable bed in the world.  Like a slab of concrete wrapped in steel beams.  But my bed - oh my sweet, sweet bed.  A pillow top mattress with a feather bed, down comforter, and a lot of pillows.  Oh how sweet it will be to go to sleep tonight.  I know, you are jealous.  It's okay.  I'll allow it.

Did you know it is damn near impossible to pop the bubbles inside of a FedEx Express package?  Because it's really difficult.  I was shipping something today and I tried to pop one.  No dice.  I asked the co-worker who brought me the flatbread if she ever tried.  She admitted she had, but never could pop one.  Game on.  It took some severe testing and several techniques, but I finally managed to pop one.  The technique that worked - the Classic Twist - like wringing out a wet towel.  

My nails looked awesome today.  In honor of the anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down I painted them with OPI color An Affair in Red Square.  Granted, a better homage may have been to take down one of my cubicle walls "Office Space" style, but I think management would have frowned upon that.

~ The Office Scribe

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Ed Adams said...

What is UP with this warm weather?

We got the windows open in the office, and normally we have the heat on by now.

And what the hell is up with white Sammy Sosa? I saw that shit. He looks like MJ.