Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Office Scribe's Take On The Heathcare Crisis

I generally like to stay away from politics when it comes to this blog.  I mean, if I wanted to chat about my political ideals I would have started a blog called "Robbing the tax payers blind and doing blow off my desk".  (I'm from Chicago, remember?)  But I suddenly found my happy little cubicle world invaded by the healthcare crisis and I felt the need to address it here.

One could imagine that if we start having the government run healthcare, we might have problems getting in to see doctors.  And when people have a problem that they can't get someone to solve for them, they do the next best thing:  turn to the Internet.

This is what happened at work today.  A co-worker of mine asked if I would look up the symptoms of a peptic ulcer.  So, being the awesome co-worker that I am, I did.  No, I didn't turn to WebMD.  That is a scary, scary website which makes me think I have cancer or a third arm every time I visit it.  So I visited the website which has the answer to everything.

So I looked up peptic ulcers and read through the symptoms, which as it turns out, contain such charmers as "vomiting blood" and "tar-like stool".

I really don't think my co-worker has an ulcer.

Which I told him.  And I added that the next time he thinks he might have something that needs medical attention he should contact a doctor and not a co-worker with a BA in Creative Writing with access to the Internet.

Here's the the future.

~ The Office Scribe


Bee said...

Now do me!

I have a headache but only on the left side of my head and I think I may have a bump where I hot the doorjamb.

I'll wait right here.

Cynica Sarcastamos said...

I think you deserve an award. Come to my place to collect one, mmmkay?

Anonymous said...

at the very least he could have asked your medical opinion on something with less gross symptoms. yikes!

dadadadio said...

I don't care how flawed Wiki is. The site is too good to bitch about a few missed facts. I guess they would'nt be facts.

Name three outstanding government agencies that deliver quality health and social services.

The insurance companies take profit. The government wastes money. In the end we'll get the same crappy care with longer waits.