Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Results Are In: Should My Friend Stubbs Get A Mullet?

I just realized that I never published the results of what to date has been my largest poll ever. Well, largest in the number of votes tallied (41). I guess mullets are what draws people to vote. Perhaps politicians should take note of this?

The Results:

Yes - 25 Votes

No - 6 Votes

You Are A Horrible Friend - 10 Votes

I could have put money on "Yes" being the winner in this poll, but I have to admit that I am a little hurt to see that so many of you thought just by posting this poll I was a horrible friend. I am an amazing friend. The kind of friend that won't jump off a birdge into an unknown depth of water until she lets a friend have the honor of doing it first...

But sadly I also have to report that Stubbs will not be getting the mullet. Something about having to be in people's weddings and the brides being upset about her new "busines in the front party in the back" 'do.

Maybe we can just get her really drunk at the reception and convincer her to let us do it while the wedding band plays something by Billy Ray Cyrus. (Ha! Something, like the guy had more than one song...)

~ The Office Scribe

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