Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ball of Confusion

Well at least the lyrics "People moving out" are correct...

I have to apologize for not writing a lot lately.  Things have been (hmm, what's the best word?  Let's go with *chaotic*) at work lately.  I haven't had much time or energy to blog lately.  And I assumed you guys would get sick of day after day reading "worked late because so-and-so is leaving for vacation today" or "papers piling up on my desk.  When can I retire?"

In addition to crazy time in cubicle land I spent the last two weeks trying to purchase a car.  (No, not a Cash For Clunkers thing.)  I don't know why trying to give someone thousands os dollars is so difficult.  Last night I finally made the purchase of a Jeep Liberty (used, cause I am practical like that).

Oh, and did I mention that I have two weddings this weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday?  And for the one on Sunday I am honored with the task of making 100 cupcakes and a small center cake to (a) make money so I can afford my car and (b) try and get this baking business going so I can, well, see reason (a).

I did the smart thing and took the day off tomorrow to run errands and bake, though I will be at the office for a bit tomorrow because my boss is in dire need of a cupcake.  (Yes, I am that super of an employee!)

Once things settle down, most likely in October, I will find more hilarious things to write about working in an office.

Until then just smell some of those new school supplies you are buy and let the fumes from the rubber cement take you to a happy place.

~ The Office Scribe


shopgirl101 said...

Hope things calm down for you soon. I really enjoy your blog!

dadadadio said...

I have a 2006 Liberty, V6, 4X4. I drove an '04 before that. The best thing about the Lib is the size and turning radius. It's perfect for the city, not too big and easy to park. If you need to move a large item it's not too small with the rear seats folded down.

You can pull a U-turn in a phone booth. Oh wait, you're young. You may not know what a phone booth is.

Okay, you can pull a U-turn in a cubicle without messing up that pile of paperwork.

The bad thing about my Lib ... the shifting of the transimission is sluggish and there's no pick-up on that 3.7 engine. If your doing 50mph and suddenly have the urge to do 80..... it takes 10 minutes to get there.

Enjoy your new/used car.

dadadadio said...

....and you need to get a White Sox tire cover.

I have my Red Sox cover.

The Office Scribe said...

Oh I am sure things will calm down, they have to, right?

And so far so good on the car. I was going to be all about getting a fancy wheel cover but this one came with the hard plastic one that matches the car, so unless I can sell it to someone then I think I am stuck with it.

And I so know what a phonebooth is. What, did you think I thought Superman changed in public? He'd be arrested for indecent exposure before he could tie his cape strings.

Holly said...

Can I get a cupcake????