Monday, August 31, 2009

Manic Monday - The "Is Summer Over?" Edition

Though most commonly marked by Labor Day, summer seems to have decided to give up early and let fall take up residence as the current season in Chicago.  Which by my calculations means winter should be here in early October.

I can deal with cool weather.  I like fleeces and sweatshirts and comfy clothes.  But when my arse started going numb as I sat at the company picnic because the metal picnic table was the same temperature as a freezer shelf I decided maybe it was time to call it a night.

You know the perfect way to start a cool Monday morning?  Consume a healthy, balance breakfast of Apple Cider Donuts that you purchased at the orchard this weekend.  Like the chips at Ballydoyle Pub, I am pretty sure these were sprinkled with crack too.

I had to wear a jacket to work today.  A jacket!  In August!  Of course as soon as I reached my cubicle I flung it off because it was near 100 degrees inside the office.  But still, there is hung all day on the back of my chair.  Because I am too lazy to hang it in the closet which is a whopping 10 feet from my desk and if I hang it there I know I will forget it.

I made the official 2010 department calendar today so people can start planning their vacations for next year.  And that is something people start doing when summertime is over the the thought of a long winter in the cubicles starts to drive them mad.

People around here have pretty much given up on the Sox and the Cubs and all sports related chit chat is now about the Bears.  If I wear my Urlacher jersey on Friday is that too soon?

And the last reason I know that summer is over is that in my candy dish right now someone has dumped an entire bag of those orange and black wrapped Mary Jane peanut butter candies which only come out in the fall.  Love them or hate them you have to admit that pretty much means summer is over.

~ The Office Scribe


Anonymous said...

It seems like summer died here yesterday too. This morning we were supposed to have frost, but didn't. However, there's always tomorrow.

M said...

You had me at "Apple Cider Donuts". I have never even had ACDs but that 3-word combo played in my mind and tempted my tastebuds.

ShoShana said...

apple cider donuts sprinkled with crack..?? hilarious! love your blog and i tell everyone i possibly can about it!

The Office Scribe said...

Yeah, I think I am going to make some Apple Cider Donuts tonight for my co-workers. I like them to get all sugared up and then refuse to help them!

And ShoShana! Thanks for telling everyone about this blog. Tell them about Twitter too, which is this fabulous tool you can use to stalk me in between blog posts. @theofficescribe

P.S. - Your check is in the mail...

ShoShana said...

LOL!!! were u going to email that check to me or...should i send u my address?!...LOL thanks. i really appreciate your frankness and ur sense of humor. too funny!

Christy said...

ShoShana told me about your blog and I love it! I've never had apple cider doughnuts, but I'm gonna have to try some. Anyway, enjoy your posts - keep 'em coming!